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Smart Pool-Safety Alarm

Pool safety alarm that integrates intelligence, versatility, and functionality into a topnotch pool safety solution. Based on advanced sensors and a complex algorithm, it provides maximum protection for children and pets with minimum user effort. Highly sophisticated yet simple to operate, the system can be installed and operated in a matter of minutes.

From the Media:

"Best of the best: An intelligent pool security system with many features that help make your swimming pool safer for everyone."

Chicago Tribune Consumer Reviews

"We tested six of the best pool alarms and determined that the Pool Alarm System is the best pool alarm for both in-ground and above ground pools, offering a smartphone controlled alarm

and wireless capability of up to 300 feet. With its batteries lasting for a full year, it offers total ease of use and conve-nience."


"The Pool Alarm System is an effective, powerful sensor with a long radio range. lt's great for larger pools, especially for people who move around the house a lot."

Nerd Techy

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